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 Codex Entry: Humans

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Codex Entry: Humans Empty
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Codex Entry: Humans Human

Humans are the most numerous, yet also the most contentious of all the intelligent races of Thedas. Only four times have they ever united beneath a single banner, the last being centuries ago. The monotheistic faith of the Chantry plays a major role in human society.

Humans are able to play all three classes, warrior, rogue and mage, and a human Warden can select either the Human Noble or Mage origin.

The humans in Ferelden control both the nation's royal family and its nobility. The elves of Ferelden are considered second-class citizens by the majority of human Fereldans.

Orlais is a powerful state of Thedas, where humans also serve as the dominant intelligent race. Like their Fereldan neighbors, the Orlesians treat the elves of their nation as a lower caste.

Tevinter Imperium
The Tevinter Imperium is the formerly dominant power of Thedas. The Imperium conquered the first homeland of the elves and reduced them to their servile status in most of the human-ruled lands of Thedas in the current age.

Major Human Organizations in Thedas:

The Chantry
The major religious organization of Thedas is one whose theology revolves around the central place of humanity in the universe and the eyes of its divine Maker. The senior members of the Chantry's ecclesiastical hierarchy are human, though the Chantry would be delighted if the dwarves and elves converted to the faith (from a form of ancestor worship among the dwarves and polytheism in the elves' case).
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Codex Entry: Humans
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