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 Site Rules

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PostSubject: Site Rules   Site Rules EmptyFri Apr 01 2011, 15:27

Please read this thread before joining and read it again before posting.

In this thread, you can read the rules that are to be followed at all times in this forum.

Code of Conduct

All members, including The Cabinet (see below), are required to obey all of the rules listed in the Code of Conduct, and no members are exempt from these rules.


-- all members are expected to maintain their best behavior; continual crudity will only be tolerated when in-character in RP threads

-- please refrain from making multiple posts in a short space of time in any topic; doing so is considered rude. Instead, modify your post by clicking the button labeled "EDIT" in the top-right corner of your post. After two or three days have passed, you may make another post to bring attention back to said topic. This rule is less-enforced, and continually making double-, triple-, or even quadruple-posts is discouraged, but not worthy of warnings from the administration or moderation teams.

-- follow all directions issued by administrators and moderators. Failure to do so will result in a warning by staff members. Repeated failures to follow directions will result in banishment.

-- under no circumstances are ANY members allowed to attack other members. Violators of this rule will receive ONE warning, and a second offense will result in permanent banishment from the site.

-- flaming, trolling, and general unpleasantness, including posting material of pornographic nature is strictly prohibited; if you come to this site merely to undergo such actions, you will be banned.

-- if someone sends an insulting or otherwise provocative private message to you through Dragon Age Forums, do NOT forward the PM to notify me. Instead, copy/cut and paste the URL address to the message in question so that I can review it in its original form.

-- I don't care what someone said to you on another site, if you bring it over here, you will receive a warning. Continually bringing off-site discussion here for the purposes of blaming or flaming or anything like that will result in a temporary ban. Continuing to do so after your temporary ban is up will result in PERMANENT banishment from Dragon Age Forums.

-- As a member of Dragon Age Forums, you are REQUIRED to follow all directions issued by staff members, and your ignoring of instructions will be remembered. I don't care what anyone did to you here or anywhere else, if you refuse to follow staff directions, you WILL be banned.

-- Problem members, that meaning people with whom the staff have had trouble in the past, are subject to moderation queues when they attempt to post. Leniency in the past has not ended well, so if a problem member tries to go around and make inflammatory posts, they will be banned.

Only the "personal attack", "trolling", and the "posting material of pornographic nature" rules are executed with a zero tolerance policy; I don't care who you are or what your relationship to another user elsewhere on the Internet is, if you violate these rules, you WILL be permanently banned from the site.

All of the rules here operate under the assumption that the members of Dragon Age Forums are already familiar with message boards, and all members are expected to act rationally and peacefully. If you are unfamiliar with some aspects of the board or are new to forums altogether, you are more than welcome to ask questions in this thread. It is only by learning that something is missing from the rules setup that the rules can be amended and therefore help future members of the site.

Leniency Policy
Moderators are requested--but not required--to show some lenience to first-time offenders or to long-time members, but all members may plead their case by e-mailing the administration at dragonageforums@gmail.com, who will make the final decision on whether that member may be allowed to re-enter . In such Dragon Age Forums events, please be patient; it may take a while for the administration to get to you. To the moderators, please notify the administration if you take actions which result in the banishment or otherwise punishment of a member of Dragon Age Forums so that the administration can react to the problem more quickly and efficiently.

Staff Members

The staff are the administration, the power behind the throne, so to speak. They manage the forum in the absence of administration. All members are subject to decisions of the staff and disputes are to be fully resolved by the administration.

If you have any complaints concerning a member of the staff, please say so and we will try to solve the problem. The staff should keep in mind that they are not to use their privileges unfairly and are to treat all members--even ones that they personally don't like--equally; favoritism is strictly prohibited.

Under no circumstances are any members, even long-time veterans or personal friends of the staff, to request that they be added to any branch of the staff. Requesting staff abilities will automatically bar that member from ever becoming a member of the staff, while repeated requests will result in a warning. Continued requests warrant permanent banishment.

-- The King is a unique user rank reserved for the chief administrator, RATTJAR. In other words, me. It's really not so much a rank as much as it is a title. All members of the staff answer to The King, and The King has the final say on all decisions concerning the site.
------- RATTJAR

-- The King-Consorts(Moderators) are the basic and chief ranking of staff members. All members are to listen to what moderators say and follow instructions that they give. Moderators are selected from trusted, veteran members of the site by The King. Consider them the hands of The King.

------- BladeDancer

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Site Rules
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