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 Felicity Bladewynne

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Name: Felicity Bladewynne (nicknames- Liss, Blade Dancer)

Species: Human

Sex: Female

Age: 25

Height: 5'3"

Appearance: Somewhat short, with a mostly slim build apart from certain *ahem* 'features' that get more attention than she likes, overall looks more like a dancer than a fighter;
for her face, think this:
^(photo credit to lifelessonline from deviantART)
with the exceptions that Felicity not only doesn't wear makeup, but has black hair in a medium bob cut with bangs instead of that more elaborate dark brown 'do the girl in the above photo sports. But the face itself is spot-on.
(Note: hand-drawn full-body pic coming soon to supplement the above face ref- I just suck so much at drawing faces that it's best to leave the face ref to let you know EXACTLY what I was going for. When it's done, it will replace this notice.)


Class: Felicity Bladewynne Class-Warrior_Icon_84pxWarrior


Second Specialization:

Bio: Felicity's ancestors immigrated to Fereldan from another continent, apparently fleeing some force that had driven them out too terrible to recall, for they refuse to discuss their homeland, and have whole-heartedly adopted Fereldan's traditions, teaching them to their children and grandchildren and so on. This included changing their names to a more Fereldan-appropriate style; whatever surname they bore beforehand, much like their homeland, they no longer care to recall. For example, her father's family no longer answers to any other surname than 'Bladewynne', and of course Felicity's personal name is also in Fereldan fashion. Felicity, for her part, considers herself fully Fereldan, being born and raised in Denerim, and walking the path of the warrior. However, her somewhat foreign looks and small size have continually stymied her attempts to make a name for herself- the only moniker she has earned (aside from her childhood nickname 'Liss') is the derisive taunt of 'Blade Dancer', referring to her looking, in their opinion, more like some attractive foreign dancer than the formidable Fereldan warrior she strives to be. Though she continues to find this dismissive attitude infuriating, she has taken the 'Blade Dancer' moniker to heart, turning it from a derisive insult to something like a point of pride. She has learned to fight not with the blustering raw power of the big, burly men who dominate the profession, but instead with tenacity, intelligence, speed, agility, and grace. Woe be to anyone who underestimates this Blade Dancer's skill with a sword and shield- she is FAR more formidable than she appears!

Homeland: Denerim (she was born in Fereldan and considers herself a citizen, despite the fact that her ancestors came to Thedas from another continent)

Personality: Mostly kind, considerate, and friendly, Felicity has a high value on honor, loyalty, and friendship, as well as an incredible sense of humor she uses to cope with stress. Despite her generally pleasant demeanor, there are a few things that never fail to piss her off:
1. Short jokes or otherwise mocking (or even MENTIONING) her almost diminutive size compared the the vast majority of Warriors.
2. Treating her dismissively because she's a woman, descendant of foreigners, or otherwise focusing more on her looks and other things she can't change than her skill as a warrior and other things that really MATTER.
With sufficient badgering, Felicity has been known to respond rather violently to either of the above- more than once, she's held a blade at an especially dim-witted man's throat and curtly reminded him "My eyes are up here, Ser"- so it's in one's best interests to either avoid teasing her like this entirely, or learn how to tell she's getting angry before she blows up at you.
Admittedly, her softer, kinder side sometimes gets missed when those around her have her in a near-perpetual state of aggravation, and she especially tries to downplay her interest in more 'feminine' pursuits, in the interest of preserving what hard-won reputation she's managed to earn. It doesn't mean that she DOESN'T enjoy some of these things- just that she will vehemently deny this fact if asked.
Miscellaneous note- Felicity prefers lighter armor, to better preserve freedom of movement and agility, to better manage her fighting style, which makes up for her lack of strength compared to the vast majority of burly male Warriors with her comparatively greater agility and aggressive tenacity. (For a reference that's pretty close to what I mean in terms of style, see Sophitia Alexandria and her sister Cassandra, of Soulcalibur fame:
See why she wears lighter armor now? She couldn't pull that stuff off in full plate.)

Weapons and Equipment:
Felicity Bladewynne Ico_longswordIron Longsword

Felicity Bladewynne Ico_shield_smallroundwoodElm Small Shield

Felicity Bladewynne Ico_armor_lightRough Studded Leather Armor (set)

Theme Song: Brave Sword, Braver Soul (Soulcalibur II Soundtrack)

Felicity Bladewynne Image4
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Felicity Bladewynne
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