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 Codex Entry: Pride Demons

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Codex Entry: Pride Demons Empty
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Pride Demon

Codex Entry: Pride Demons Pride_Demon_concept_art

Pride is powerful, and intelligent. When we have encountered one in its true form, its most common attacks are bolts of fire and ice. Fire they will use to burn an opponent, and the magical flame will combust anything you wear regardless of make. Ice they will use to freeze an opponent in placeā€”be cautious, for they enjoy employing this against warriors in particular. More than one group of templars has made the mistake of attempting to overwhelm a pride demon and suffered the consequences, believe me. And if you think that having the aid of other mages will assist you, you are wrong. Pride demons can render themselves immune to magic for short times, and are adept at dispelling magic that is cast upon you... as much as we templars are able to disrupt spells.
-(From transcript of a lecture given by Vheren, templar-commander of Tantervale, 6:86 Steel.)

Pride Demons are the most powerful demons that are encountered within Thedas. They can possess any corpse to become a Revenant, possess a corpse of a mage to become an Arcane Horror, or in rarer cases possess or take human form. A dark version with green glowing eyes are also exist and seems much more powerful than the normal variant, but are extremely rare.

An Arcane Horror results when a Pride Demon possesses the corpse of a mage. A Revenant however, results when a Pride Demon possesses a corpse other than that of a mage.
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Codex Entry: Pride Demons
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