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 Codex Entry: Rock Wraiths

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Codex Entry: Rock Wraiths Empty
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Rock Wraith

Codex Entry: Rock Wraiths RockWraith-1

Rock Wraiths, also known as Profanes, are legendary creatures in the Deep Roads.

Dwarven legends tell of dwarves so corrupt that even the Stone rejects them. Doomed to wander the Deep Roads in an undying half-life, these creatures are known as Rock Wraith, and they are creatures of hunger, wrath and little more. While it's commonly held that Rock Wraiths are myths, every so often a survivor, often half mad, staggers from the Deep Roads whispering of living rock assembling itself into a twisted shape shifting parody of a humanoid creature, and of baleful eyes glowing in the dark. Rock Wraiths are able to be possessed by demons from the Fade.Furthermore, they are able to adjust their form to fit specific situations. An old and powerful Rock Wraith can become an Ancient Rock Wraith.

Due to their earthen physiology, Rock Wraiths are immune to lightning magic (Not true on any difficulty below Nightmare at least). They have normal resistance to fire and nature magic. Ice and spirit magic is very effective against them.
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Codex Entry: Rock Wraiths
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