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 Codex Entry: Ghouls

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Codex Entry: Ghouls Empty
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Codex Entry: Ghouls Ghoul

Living creatures who contract the Taint from any darkspawn normally die from the corruption. However, those ill-fated to survive become something twisted: Ghouls, or tainted humanoid creatures with a blotchy look and a sickly tone to their skin.

The term ghoul is actually derived from the behavior and mannerisms associated with people who have become corrupted. It was first observed in captives (humans, elves, and dwarves kept as a source of food) of darkspawn. The constant, slow exposure to the Taint drove these unfortunate souls to turn on their fellow captives, cannibalizing them whilst in the grips of maddening pain and the will of the archdemon.

Once infected, a ghoul will seek out the darkspawn. Human ghouls are often used as craftsmen by the darkspawn (who are not known for the kind of skill required for smithing), but even the healthiest human will die within a few months of having turned.

Due to the extreme process of how broodmothers are made, they have been recently revealed to actually be specialized ghouls.

Only the Grey Wardens have been able to survive the taint by undergoing the Joining, but it is revealed later on this is only a temporary escape as with progression of age the taint will spread and either kill or reduce them to Ghouls. "When they begin to hear the call" from the taint Wardens travel to the Deep Roads to seek out an honorable death in their Calling.
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Codex Entry: Ghouls
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