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 Codex Entry: Warrior Class

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Codex Entry: Warrior Class Empty
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Codex Entry: Warrior Class Concept-Warrior_Origins

Playable Races: Human, Elf, Dwarf, Qunari

The warrior fights at the front and in the heat of battle, absorbing the brunt of enemy attacks in place of less durable ranged fighters, like many rogues and mages. For the sake of dealing maximum damage and keeping the attention of enemies, warriors themselves rely on melee combat, not ranged weapons. Warriors draw from stamina for abilities and powerful attacks that damage and hinder opponents.

The most physical of the classes in Dragon Age II, a warrior is at his or her best when surrounded by foes, keeping their attention with powerful swings while allies wreak havoc in relative safety.

At the heart of a warrior's fighting style is the choice of weapons. Staunch defenders will gravitate to mixing one handed weapons (be it axe, mace or blade) with a shield, taking advantage of the extra protection offered by interposing a wall of wood or steel between themselves and their foes. More offensive warriors gravitate to the larger two-handed weapons such as the great sword or maul. What they sacrifice in defense, they make up for in damage potential, as the mighty arcs of their blades can easily hit multiple foes at once.
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Codex Entry: Warrior Class
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