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 Codex Entry: Mage Class

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Codex Entry: Mage Class Empty
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Codex Entry: Mage Class Concept-Mage

Playable Races: Human, Elf, Qunari

A mage is one of the three playable classes in Dragon Age: Origins. A mage is able to interact with the forces of magic, using different elemental powers. In order to qualify to be a mage, one must be either an elf or a human and choose the Mage Origin. Dwarves cannot play as a mage, since they are unable to connect with The Fade and therefore are unable to control the forces of magic. All elven mages in Origins are assumed to have come from an Alienage: while Dalish elves do have magic users in their clans, they are rarely, if ever, sent to the Tower.

Mages in Dragon Age II deal in raw power, whether sapping, bestowing, or inflicting it. They have incredible tactical potential, a fact underscored by how doggedly they are hunted by the Templars. Versatile and devastating, an apostate mage lives a dangerous life in Kirkwall, but he or she is more than capable of handling the risk posed by the over-tasked authorities.

Mages can all but destroy an enemy’s ability to fight. Slowing, weakening, disenchanting—once they know a weakness, they can turn the most dangerous opponent into a helpless target.

Alternately, Mages can turn their teammates into an unstoppable force by healing, adding elemental damage to weapons, and seemingly altering time in the party’s favor with Haste. Both Warriors and Rogues can benefit from having a Mage at their backs.

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Codex Entry: Mage Class
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