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 Codex Entry: Ogres

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Codex Entry: Ogres          Empty
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Codex Entry: Ogres          Wp-Dragon_Age_Origins-g-1024x768-1

Towering over their darkspawn kin, the massive ogres are a rare sight on the battlefield. Traditionally, they only appear during a Blight, but some records claim that ogres have been spotted in the Deep Roads hunting alone or in small groups. At least one report by the Grey Wardens claims that an ogre was spotted alone in the Korcari Wilds in 9:19 Dragon, though it was weakened and easily dispatched. Up to a hundred of these creatures can accompany a darkspawn horde at any one time during a Blight, often using their great strength to burst through fortifications and demolish the front lines of the opposing army.

Ogres are the massive, brutish shock troopers of the darkspawn horde. Dwarfing their darkspawn bertheren, Orges attack opponents with brute force and monumental strength, acting as living siege weapons, overwhelming melee fighters and force multipiers. Standing above even the normal Ogres are the Ogre Alphas; these monstrosities are no larger, but are far tougher, and are usually accompanied by shrieks.

Ogres are born from broodmothers who were once female qunari. This suggests that ogres are a recent addition to the ranks of the darkspawn; qunari are newcomers to Thedas. The ogre's possession of horns stems from the fact that most qunari are born with horns.
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Codex Entry: Ogres
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