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 Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations

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Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations Empty
PostSubject: Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations   Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations EmptyThu Apr 14 2011, 18:25

Rogue Class Specializations

Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations 42px-Classico_assassinAssassin:
Anyone can kill for money, but those who follow the Antivan traditions know how to do so with style. While every assassin is different, some favoring up close and personal kills and others striking at range, they are all deadly predators and skilled at exploiting their foe’s weaknesses.

Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations 42px-Classico_bardBard:
Bards follow an Orlesian tradition, acting as assassins, spies, saboteurs and following other secretive pursuits in the constant, and sometimes petty, struggles between nobles. Having taken the minstrel's art to new levels, bards are skilled performers and master manipulators; bards can inspire their allies or dishearten their foes through song and tale.

Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations 42px-Classico_duelistDuelist:
Duelists are deadly combatants who prefer to fight in light armour and strike with light, but precise attacks. Experienced duelists have preternatural reflexes that allow them to evade their opponents' clumsy blows, as well as strike with remarkable precision.

Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations 42px-Classico_rangerRanger:
Rangers have an affinity for open country and wilderness, but as independent scouts and militia, they are opportunists, not stewards of nature. They exploit every advantage of their environment, and can lure wild beasts to attack their foes.

Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations 42px-Classico_LegionScoutLegionnaire Scout:
Most tales of the dwarven Legion of the Dead are likely minstrels' fabrications, but the trail of darkspawn corpses that the Legion leaves behind proves the efficacy of their training. Legionnaire scouts often travel ahead of their companions, and consequently become renowned for unusual hardiness, able to survive battles that would kill any other rogue.

Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations 42px-Shadow_iconShadow:
There is no order or organization of shadows--they are self-taught elite rogues, masters of concealment and ambush. They strike from darkness, employing personal decoys and hallucinogenic poisons to distract enemies before sliding a dagger between their ribs.
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Codex Entry: Rogue Class Specializations
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